Friday, August 21, 2009

How fast they grow up...

High school years and college times would always remain a very significant part of my life forever. Friends that I've met and kept along the way made all the painful and suffering moments of assignments and what nots all bearable. Without you guys, boy, would I not have made it through. I'm talking as though I'm so old already, but the thing is we are all growing up, heading towards different directions and living our own lives. Not that it's bad, it's something we all will have to go through. To grow up. Nevertheless, memories will always stay...

The crazy moments that we've had,




Sleepily.. Ya i know I have the most pics when sleeping-La! Hmmph




And meeting again after so long, happy to be

as promiscuous...

as crazy!

as dangerous..

as blurry...

Friends forever indeed...

Friends that don't care how bitchy, crazy, cranky, emotional, vain, idiotic, loud and beautiful I am... HA HA!

And same to me... I'll always love you guys no matter how idiotic all of you all can be! Or how married, pregnant, motherly and fatherly you all will be...

Or even already.. Yes, am talking bout Lea. Our Lea Love. Who got engaged last 2 months and am thankful that I was back that time. Was such a beautiful night.. First among us to tie the knot. Am expecting the real thing very soon!

Or friends that are far away, will always still feel your presence around... Thinking of you guys never fail to put a smile on my face...

Had a double farewell party for both my Calvin and Clement.. Both to the same uni some more!
At De' Canters.

College mates...

U8 Gang!

Will always love you guys... <3

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations Graduands!

Had my Diploma graduation ceremony bout' hmmm... 2 months back lol. Was cool except that I got an over sized gown that made me look like a stunted humpty dumpty. Not many from the batch came. Was so pathetic. The Mass Communication group was the smallest. Had only 4 of us! Supposingly 5-la but my very smart bestie was too busy in the toilet that she missed the group shot. Oh well, all in all the class of '08/'09 is still the bom chikadee bom! Miss ya all.

Pathetic group pic

Humpty dumpty I know!

The 'paper' that we got after 2 half years of sweat and toil


Bro, Adrian and Dad

His family

Superman lol

Superwomen phailed

Ok, jadi-ed! =)

With the future engineers

Sesat, media student with the engineers

All that is left are the memories...